Alex Palkovich

Sculptor, FNSS, Fellow of the National Sculpture Society


February 3rd, 2023

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Alex Palkovich, Sculptor

Alex Palkovich, Sculptor

Alex was born in the trans-Carpathian Mountains, now part of the Ukraine. As a mechanical engineer, he managed companies in the design and production of advanced medical equipment in Mexico, the United State, Israel, and the UK. As his business career flourished, so did his artistic career, as he sculpted and exhibited throughout the world prior to retiring as a Global MR Operations Manager with GE to become a full-time sculptor.

Alex is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, serving 3 years as Vice President, the Oxford Art Society, AMSA, and in 2010, became the first elected member of the National Sculpture Society from South Carolina. He has won numerous awards for his sculpture including a British Design Award (1987), a national award from the American Institute of Commemorative Art (2009) for his “Eagle” installation in Florence Veterans Park, a People’s Choice Award from the National Sculpture Society for “On the way to the market” (2013), a sculpture award for “John Paul II” from Allied Artists of America (2014), and 2nd Honorable mentioning for “Father of the nation” by Portrait Society of America (2015). His bronze, “I’m tall,” was selected by Brookgreen Gardens for inclusion in their outdoor sculpture collection (2017).

His piece, “Einstein,” was selected for inclusion in the prestigious National Sculpture Society’s 79th Annual Awards Exhibition and “On the way to the market” was chosen for the National Sculpture Society’s 80th Annual Awards Exhibition.

On February 1, 2020, Alex was elected as a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society.

2007 – “Nick Ziegler” (Library, Florence, SC)
2008 – “Eagle monument” (Florence Veterans Park, Florence, SC)
2009 – “Dr. Joe Stukes” (Library, Florence, SC)
2010 – “Home safe” (Florence Veterans Park, Florence, SC)
2010 – “Jack Dowis” (Library, Florence, SC)
2011 – “9/11 monument” (Florence Veterans Park, Florence, SC)
2012 – “Senator Hugh Leatherman” (FMU Performing Arts Center, Florence, SC)
2012 – “Dr. Bauer” (Durham University, Durham, North Carolina)
2012 – “Francis Marion” (City of Johnsonville)
2013 – “Dr. Smith” (Francis Marion University)

2014 – “Francis Marion,” 3/4 life size (Library, Florence, SC)
2014 – “Dog” (Florence Veterans Park)
2014 – “Huey Cooper” (Lake City, South Carolina)
2014 – “Francis Marion,” 3/4 life size (Library, Lake City, SC)

2015 – “Eagle,” (Lake City, South Carolina)
2015 – “On the way to the market” (Library, Beaufort, SC)
2016 – “Dr. Beck” (Francis Marion University School of Health Sciences, Florence, SC)
2016 – “Fountain of tears” (Florence Veterans Park, Florence, SC)
2016 – “Alone with memories” (Florence Veterans Park, Florence, SC)
2017 – “Beverly and Starr” (FMU Performing Arts Center, Florence, SC)
2017 – “I’m tall” (Brookgreen Gardens, SC)

2017 – “Dr. Eddie Floyd” (Drs. Bruce and Lee Library, Florence, SC)

2019 – “The Sower” (Florence Baptist Temple, Florence, SC)

2020 – “William H. Johnson” (Florence, SC)

2020 – “Reflection” (Kiryat Bialik, Israel)

2020 – “Einstein” (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

2020 – “Itzhak Shamir” (Kiryat Bialik, Israel)

2021 – “Eagle Monument” (Nesher, Israel)

2021 – “Itzhak Shamir” (Kiryat Malachi, Israel)

2022 – “Menachem Begin” (Kiryat Bialik, Israel)

2022 – “Ariel Sharon” (Kiryat Bialik, Israel)

He currently shares his time between South Carolina, Loveland CO, and Israel.

Alex’s works are available for sale. He is available to discuss commissions or to consult on projects.